partners and Technologies


Through our relationship with Jones Consulting Services, Technology Partners are carefully selected. Each partner must demonstrate truly innovative technologies, 3rd party test validation, number of years in business, and objective customer testimonials. We are honored to partner with such outstanding companies who help us deliver comprehensive, leading edge energy and maintenance savings to our clients.


Compressed Air Optimization: By analyzing current conditions, they provide optimum compressed air solutions.  Waste in this area is significant, and 30 to 50% savings are possible.

HVAC Coil & Cabinet: This is a corrosion proof treatment which forms a covalent bond with coil and cabinet surfaces. For existing HVAC systems, it restores to within 95% of its original efficiency, it extends the life by several years, and saves up to 30% in HVAC energy usage. It allows even new systems operate using 16% less in HVAC energy.

HVAC Duct Leak Solution:  Incredibly innovative solution for older buildings that explores and repairs any leaks in ductwork without the expense and inconvenience of ripping apart your system.  This unique solution automatically plugs leaks through specially designed, non toxic particles blown through ductwork.  Just a 20% leakage can cause fans to operate 95% more than it should. 

HVAC Zonal Controls:  Most systems are over-designed and operate in full on or off modes.  Our partners design control systems for single or multi zone HVAC systems allowing them to operate as needed saving 20 to 50% on your HVAC costs.  They also put energy use data, warning sign notifications, and temperature control in the palm of your hand through wireless phone programs.

LED Lighting: For every existing light fixture, there is now an LED alternative. Saving up to 60% of in current lighting spend, LED lighting improves visual quality, reduces maintenance cost due to longer life, and even saves in HVAC system costs because LED lighting systems produce less heat than old lighting technology.

Peak Demand Avoidance Controls: Compatible with all major building automation controls, this system builds usable intelligence allowing users to avoid triggering peak demand charges. It monitors as granularly as desired and saves up to 20% in overall energy usage.

Power Factor Correction: This device prevents “dirty power” from shortening the life of electronic equipment and motors by cleaning incoming power.  Our solution is ideal in larger area especially for utilities billing in KVA.  By analyzing utility bills, the appropriate solution is configured.  The energy savings can range from 25 to 50% on your utility bill.  

Rooftop Coatings:  This Energy Star rated, heat resistant treatment blocks 90% of the sun’s heat. It significantly reduces the number of times an HVAC system must operate. It saves up to 30% in HVAC energy usage.

Solar:  Private sector commercial projects allow us to treat tax credits as savings to create cash flow positive projects.  Public sector projects when combined with multiple technologies make solar upgrades affordable usually in less than half the typical timeframe.

Rebates: Throughout the US and Canada, generous energy rebates are available.