Through our relationship with Jones Consulting Services, Technology Partners are carefully selected. Each partner must demonstrate truly innovative technologies, 3rd party test validation, number of years in business, and objective customer testimonials. We are honored to partner with such outstanding companies who help us deliver comprehensive, leading edge energy and maintenance savings to our clients.

Chiller System Restoration: This condenser water efficiency system removes up to 95% of suspended solids found in water down to one millionth of one meter. It is a side-stream piping device that sustains a clean condenser system. The risk of Legionella is greatly reduced. Water usage is lowered by 25%, chiller energy is reduced by 15%, the cost of maintenance is significantly reduced, and system life is greatly increased.

Cost Segregation: This is a one-time, large tax deduction method rather than an energy saving technology. Commercial, private sector building owners can accelerate the depreciation and substantially reduce the amount of taxes owed. Typical depreciation categories are in 27.5 or 39.5-year timeframes. Using cost segregation, depreciation can be recategorized in 15 or as few as 5-year timeframes. The resulting tax savings is substantial.

HVAC Coil & Cabinet: This is a corrosion proof treatment which forms a covalent bond with coil and cabinet surfaces. For existing HVAC systems, it restores to within 95% of its original efficiency, it extends the life by several years, and saves up to 30% in HVAC energy usage. It allows new systems operate using 16% less in HVAC energy.

Ionized Air Solution: Uniquely Supply Side based, this solution produces ions which bond with airborne viruses, allergens, mold, bacteria and odors to filter and remove them from breathable air. In so doing, this healthy indoor air quality choice reduces the number of air changes required. This saves up to 30% in HVAC energy.

LED Lighting: For every existing light fixture, there is now an LED alternative. Saving up to 60% of in current lighting spend, LED lighting improves visual quality, reduces maintenance cost due to longer life, and even saves in HVAC system costs because LED lighting systems produce less heat than old lighting technology.

Load Shifting Control System: Compatible with all major building automation controls, this system builds usable intelligence allowing users to avoid triggering peak demand charges. It monitors as granularly as desired and saves up to 20% in overall energy usage.

Rebates: Throughout the US and Canada, generous energy rebates are available.