Glow Technology

Seeing is Believing


 The Worlds Most Powerful Glow Stone And Sand Aggregates 

Landscaping Accents


Residential or Commercial



Outdoor Kitchen areas

Also great for city park, schools campuses, 

business parks and sitting areas

Walking and Bike Pathways


10 minutes of direct sunlight and your bike trails or walking paths will glow for 12 hours or more 20 plus years.

 No wiring, no batteries

Just Sunlight




  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS:PVC, Adhesive, Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly, Fluorescent Tape.
  • EXTENDED GLOW TIME:12-15 hours glow after 30 minutes of light exposure.
  • EXTRA LONG ROLL:33 Feet Long x 0.8 Inch Wide (10M x 2Cm) - Photoluminescent Tape.
  • MORE APPLICATION:Glow in The Dark Luminous Tape is suitable for a  wide variety of purposes, ideal to use at home & office, parties,  theatre activities, decorations, clothing, games, cardboard, backpacks,  walls, glass, handrails, stairs, doors, exits, emergency corridors,  switches, instruments, imaginative projects, art work, lettering and  more.
  • Waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant. Indoor/outdoor use


Emergency Service Providers


Firefighters using glow-in-the-dark safety equipment can see a  significant reduction in the time it takes to locate a down firefighter.  We have partners that specialize in ways to infuse photoluminescence into products and  fabrics. 

Our training  exercises empirically show that photoluminescent gear, as well as  strips placed on steps and railings in a darkened stairway, can help  save the lives of firefighters and others inside a burning building.

Photoluminescent technology is fail safe, It gives visibility offering orientation without electricity or batteries.

With the photoluminescent gear, the firefighters will be able to reduce  the time it takes to find a down firefighter by 45 seconds, or  approximately 30 percent.

This is huge in a life or death situation,  It’s pretty amazing  technology.



Our Photoluminescent glow strip tape can be used to highlight  doorways, outline exit doors, identify door exit breaker bars, use as  guide path in hallways, in fluorescent fixtures for emergency lighting,  and on stairs to identify steps.

It can also be used in automibile rims.

These are self adhesive strips which absorb any visible light and glow in the dark. UV light works best to charge these.