Cash Positive Funding

Architectural Lighting - Indoor/Outdoor

 Cash Positive Financing is how we upgrade clients to green energy technology.  The monthly energy and maintenance savings are greater than the monthly repayment cost.  This means clients are cash flow positive the moment equipment is installed. 

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Rooftop and Ground Mount Solar and Wind

No capital improvement budget is needed.  No cash outlays are required.  No settling for the cheapest equipment.  No partial upgrades.  We fund the upfront cost of superior technologies saving up to 80% in energy and maintenance expenses. 

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More than 700 satisfied clients

Commercial HVAC

 We have structured contracts ensuring savings are greater than repayments making more than 700 clients cash flow positive the moment equipment was installed!  We Serve the North American commercial market.

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Financing Options

Cash Positive Option

 Our most popular program, the Cash Positive Option ensures monthly savings are greater than monthly repayment cost. This makes clients “Cash Positive” from day one! As shown below, the cost of upgrading is less than the energy and maintenance savings. Clients are cash positive the day equipment is installed. 

Deferred Payment Option

 The Deferred Payment Option allows clients to defer the initial payment for up to 6-months. The deferment period is contingent upon customer credit. It is especially helpful for unplanned equipment purchases, or for installation time required in multiple location scenarios. 

Design & Build Option

 The consulting fees, material cost, and labor to install energy saving technologies are bundled in one low monthly payment. This option is used when cash positivity is not required. Financing the energy saving upgrade process end-to-end by using the Design & Build Option is an excellent way to preserve cash. 

Municipal Lease Option

Winning voter approvals on bond referendums and tax increases is an extremely risky process. For local, state, and federally funded facilities, our Municipal Lease Option is an especially attractive method for purchasing energy saving technologies. No budgeting is required. By customizing the lease term- whether extending payment deferments or lengthening lease terms- we assure cash positive results while avoiding challenging procurement processes. 

National Account Option

Centralized control and visibility by headquarters is often a concern of multi-location entities. The National Account Option applies to any multi-site owner from School Districts to fast food chains throughout North America. We place the entire labor and material cost to retrofit all locations into an escrow account. Interest is charged only on the amounts used as each location is upgraded. 

New Construction Option

The New Construction Option allows building owners to upgrade to superior energy saving technology rather than using the lowest bidder. We model the difference between owning cost of specified, commodity material versus our superior technological upgrades. By removing the burden of initial cost frees clients to increase building asset value and enhance net operating income by installing superior systems. 

Off-Balance Sheet Option

Our clients sometimes have restrictive borrowing covenants, or wish to protect balance sheet debt ratios, or desire to work around onerous procurement procedures. EEaaS (energy efficiency as a service) is a solution to all the above. Structured as a service contract, investors own and maintain equipment. A pre-negotiated end of term arrangement, usually a $1 exit fee, changes ownership back to clients.