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AL&P is a photovoltaic power systems design and Installations Company with a senior staff having decades of experience in electrical design and engineering, construction, project development and installation. AL&P provides the very best in solar technology and professional design-build services. We deliver innovative and dependable solar systems with the highest quality of workmanship from the initial customer consultation to the final system commissioning and post installation analysis. Our innovative systems, technical expertise, and commitment to client satisfaction make us a great choice in solar integrators for a broad customer base. AL&P raises the bar for industry standards. With a team of experts ranging from sales to design, construction and maintenance, each customer can be assured that their system will be of the highest quality and energy production. AL&P stands behind our quality products and workmanship and goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure our customers receive the very best in solar technology and customer service. AL&P  installations come backed with a full service performance guarantee so you can rest easy knowing that your system will be performing long into the future. AL&P develops unique, high-performance solar solutions for customers with challenging circumstances. We strive to improve in all areas of cost-effective solar solutions in an effort to deliver clean, renewable energy to our customers at competitive prices. AL&P understands the critical importance of transitioning from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy; for that reason, we are committed to providing sustainable, cost-effective solar solutions for a broad customer base. Through our business, we strive to reduce the effects of global warming and environmental degradation by enabling each of our customers to obtain clean solar energy in an economically viable way

Solar Power Systems


Solar power uses sunshine to create heat for hot water and electricity, as well as passive heating and cooling effects in buildings. Solar photovoltaic technology, or solar PV, is leading the way in creating alternative electrical sources that compete with grid-provided utility power. Of all the alternative energy scenarios, solar offers the most promise because it is the cleanest and most readily available. Most of the utility electrical power generated in the United States comes from coal, which is the dirtiest of all fossil fuels to burn. When solar PV replaces coal-fired utility, the environment reaps significant benefits. Solar energy is the cleanest, most abundant, renewable energy source available. We provide technologies that allow us to capture this power and make it available for use to all homes and businesses. 

Wind Power Systems

Our MagnetronicsTM patent suite, brings the design of the electric motor generators into the 21st century. Magnetronics is the only modular electricity generator design

enabling radial arrangement of coils and magnets which, while rotated, creates more clean inductive electricity — and the best news is, they are 150% greater in efficiency. 

Functional Art

Solar Tree


The Solar Tree is an urban/suburban outdoor luminaire who’s innovative design combines nature and the latest generation of photovoltaic technology. This system was created to capture the beauty of nature and the power of the sun’s energy, providing superb LED outdoor lighting, safety and security. The Solar Tree consisting of “structural steel branches that create a nest for the solar panels at the top of the tree and petals" that assist in the light‘s direction. This versatile lighting structure can be installed with or without the seating pedestal and used in a variety of ways to include park areas, bike/walking pathways, street lighting, outdoor seating areas to include residential patio and pool areas, lawns and landscaping projects. The Solar Tree can be custom painted to match your desired color scheme.

Night View

Day View