Sustainable Safe Water solutions for Haiti

AL&P is proposing an off-grid solar powered containerized seawater desalination purification system that will produce 70,000 gallons of safe drinkable water daily.  The system is designed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All components of our water purification system are designed and selected for low maintenance with corrosion resistant elements for coastal areas.  The system is installed in an air conditioned container which provides security and protection from environmental corrosive elements and will provide service around the clock for years to come.



Ever wondered what it would be like NOT to have a light bill or to have to experience power outages?  Designed by Data Age and Powered by Tesla, The Freedom Series does just that, provides you with total freedom from grid-tie utilities.  This powerful system puts all the power in your hands.  Now you are able to produce you own energy with the use of solar panels and store what you don't use during the use in you battery bank for night time or future use.  The FREEDOM SERIES will be launched early summer 2017.

S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

AL&P is working with and supporting South Union CDC with the design and installation of the Solar Panel Community Garden Destination Center which is a project that was birthed from the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math teachings of The STEM Foundation program. This project will be an “Outdoor Classroom” application for their continual Science, Technology, Engineering and Math teachings on Renewable Energy.  They will become “The New Power Generation” and leaders in the community. This project will produce youth pioneers in Energy, the supply of fruits, vegetables for the seniors of the community and an educational destination for the entire city to visit and learn.